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Finally, a workout program just for women to get the perfect lean, slim, and toned body without bulking up!

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Do you want a lean & tone body, nice glutes, a flat stomach, more confidence in a bikini, and a look that turns every head in the room?


I'm James and that's me on the right.

I specialize in helping women transform their bodies fast! My clients include models from Victoria's Secret, The Tyra Banks Show, American Idol, world famous singers and musicians, and my workouts have sculpted some of the best bodies in popular music videos, runways, magazine photo shoots, billboards, and big screen appearances.

Many of my clients are brand new to working out so don't be shy or feel like you have to be a supermodel to work out with me.

Women come to me after trying diet pills, starvation diets, or even dangerous drugs to lose weight. In my research I've discovered that women just want to feel pretty, desired, appreciated, respected, sexy, and confident. Most women are willing to do whatever it takes to get the right body.

Before trying another crazy or extreme method to get the body you want, know that my clients report feeling energized, tight, toned, mood balanced, more attractive, empowered, appreciated, accomplished, healthy, fit, and better than ever in their favorite clothes, bikinis, tank tops, dresses, jeans, and even naked. These words are not mine. They come straight from the more than 1,000 emails, texts, thank you cards, and testimonials I've received in my 12 years training so far.

I believe that you can look great in your JEANS, whether you have good GENES or not.

My sessions with James have always been challenging and fun and I'm always interested in the next fitness trick he has got up his sleeve. His creative exercises are so much better than standing in place and curling a bar 10, 20 or 100 times. I really appreciate his attention to detail, correct form and technique, and to helping me attain my individual goals. I have developed more muscle that I knew existed. And the transformation journey still goes on!!
Hard work and trembling muscles at the end of each session - YES!
Being pushed beyond what I think I am capable of - YES!
Getting the most compliments on my body than I had in my life - YES!
Feeling great about my body - YES!
Thanks James for being a great trainer, confidant and friend!

Parmis, Medical Doctor

*Results may vary from person to person. Success requires dedication!


I should mention that this workout program is not all about looks but I know that is the primary motivator for most of us. Even though my clients come to me to look their best at their wedding, after a baby, for the beach vacation or the lake, and to look better in the mirror, the other common side effects are better all around health, more energy at the end of the day, mental focus and clarity, etc. I've even helped people quit taking medications for blood pressure and type II diabetes!

True Story

I get new clients in the strangest of ways. One time a girl called me begging to get in right away. I asked her "why the rush?" She said her friend (my client) just sent her a picture message of her butt in a bikini and she couldn't believe how shaped up it was. I laugh every time something like this happens. Guys don't do this kind of stuff you know:)


These workouts quite possibly will make you the center of attention when you are out with friends.

Finally a trainer who understands what women mean when they say "Slim," "Lean," and "Tone," Without Bulking Up!

Most trainers who at least know a little about what they are doing can help you lose some fat. The problem is that they will tell you things like "you can't bulk up." I've seen women bulk up when working out with watered down versions of the same workouts guys use to bulk up. What are these guys sexist or something? (We all know guys in the gym can be obnoxiously insecure and overcompensate with macho behavior and beliefs.) Girls CAN and WILL bulk up with the wrong workouts and eating habits. I understand exactly what it takes to get you lean and slim and I promise to get you in the best shape of your life.

minneapolis personal trainerI have noticed the results of working out with James after just TWO weeks! At one month, I feel stronger and so much more fit than before! It is summer time now and I love showing off all my hard work!!! He is super friendly! James makes an hour of working out really hard go by FAST! He's always making me laugh and enjoy my workouts. I never get bored with working out with him because we are always changing things up and work different areas! One of my favorite and most challenging things about training with James is my food log! He has this great system to achieve the goals that each individual wants to reach by keeping track of what you eat! And WOW, what an eye opener that was!!! It's like having a trainer and nutritionist all in one! There is no substitute for training with James... he really pushes and motivates you! He is already voted one of the #1 trainers in the US. Get in with him now!!! PRICELESS =)

Michelle Thomas, Model

*Results may vary from person to person. Success requires dedication!

Before Going Any Further...

I want to ask you to answer these four questions.

The reason I had you answer these questions is because it puts an exact definition on your goals and a mental picture to go along with it. Research in psychology proves that this type of description of your desired outcome will cause you to focus so much that it will drive your actions and behavior. And we both know that getting results is all about your habits, thoughts, and actions. If you have a strong desire to achieve something, and it is clearly defined, then you will be very motivated to make it happen!

My Programs

Tighten Up™: Lose 2-4 sizes [ Guaranteed in 6-weeks ]

Tummy Tuck™: Lose 6-8 sizes [ Guaranteed in 12-weeks ]

Full Body Makeover™: Lose 10-12 sizes [ Guaranteed in 18-weeks ]

And of course the 4-Week Body Transformation Boot Camp

8 Things James Boot Camp Can Help You Do

Workout Topics

JEAN SCULPTING™ – This workout will make your glutes burn, your inner-thighs smaller, and will slim down every part of your legs, hips and backside.

BIKINI SCULPTING™ – This workout will flatten your stomach, tighten your tummy, and strengthen your core. Includes lots of ab exercises, and some core work that will make Pilates seem like a walk in the park.

TANK TOP TONING™ – This workout will give you the most tone arms and a lean upper body that is not too bulky.

FAT SHREDDING CARDIO INTERVALS – A new type of cardio that is entirely focused on fat burning for all of the places you hate to store it.

What You Will Get

Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with my program, my customer service, or any other aspect of your experience, I will give you 100% of your money back, guaranteed with no questions or hard feelings.

Results Guarantee

I will write a signed guarantee that promises 100% of your money back if you don't see the results we discus.

I lost 8 lbs. in 3 weeks and 2 inches in my waist, I feel stronger, more energized, and my back doesn't hurt anymore! I have become a lot leaner in my butt, arms and legs, and especially in my thighs. My clothes also look and fit much better. The locker rooms are really nice with full amenities. James Fitness trainers are motivating, friendly and completely down to earth. You guys make working out fun even though we're getting our butts kicked. I like the variety. My whole body gets a workout and it feels good. I am never bored because you're always giving us different workouts.

Jennifer Vo, Student

*Results may vary from person to person. Success requires dedication!

Space Limited

This web page gets over 192 views every single day and I obviously can't train everyone who is interested.

I only have 1-3 spots left for most time slots before I will have to start another waiting list!!!

I think it's also fair to mention that James Boot Camp will soon be referral only and most times already have a 7-14 day waiting list.

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Yes, James I Understand That...

P.S. Just weeks from now, you could be in the best shape of your life!

P.P.S. Don't delay because my program is going to "referral only" status real soon!

P.P.P.S. This program is JUST for women and the only full solution to getting AND keeping the perfect slim, lean, and toned body.

I am excited to hear from you! Talk to you soon.

- James

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Working out with James has been the best thing I've done for my health! With my wedding a few months away, I realized my workout routine wasn't cutting it! I decided to find a personal trainer to whip me into shape! James has done just that! His workout program really kicks your butt!! I have never worked out this hard in my life.. And I'm loving every minute of it! He balances the right amount of weight training, cardio and diet, and really pushes you. No slacking! His enthusiasm and funny personality really makes the 6 am workouts tolerable! The combination of working out and restructuring my diet, including the 7 day fat loss detox diet, has made me lose inches and pounds! I quickly noticed results! I slimmed down.. And I'm noticing my body is actually toning up! I feel great about my body and it shows!!

Annette Craioveanu

*Results may vary from person to person. Success requires dedication!

I like the cardio intervals because as a model I can't afford to bulk up. James has unique exercises you won't find anywhere else that are geared just for women's body types. I like to try every workout like pure barre, yoga, spin, pilates, etc. but I feel like I get the results of all of these combined with just James workouts.

Before James Fitness, I suffered from PMDD. Immediately I noticed a drastic change in my mood. Now I hardly notice my PMS, and I don't want to shoot myself in the head every month.

The workouts go by super quick because he's young, cute and funny. A lot of other trainers are creepy, but James is super fly. I'm addicted.

Roxy Martin, Model

*Results may vary from person to person. Success requires dedication!

I found James's indoor bootcamp 2 weeks before moving away. I was able to go a total of 6 times and already saw a difference in my body. It's a kick butt AWESOME work-out. I would recommend it to anyone.

They have a bunch of different convenient times for the busy person and after an hour you will leave drenched in sweat. I am sooooo sad there is not a James-clone in Seattle!!


*Results may vary from person to person. Success requires dedication!

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I feel good naked =) I can see the difference in my thighs and arms.
The new gym is marvelous! It's comfortable and the amenities provide a lot of convenience.
James is passionate about what he does and is amenable to creating more challenge in my workouts. You got me addicted. You make me burn. =) We focus on different body parts on different days. The moves are usually different so I know that training is continuing to shock my body.
Tell James to make you do backward lunges! =)

Jaclyn, Law Student

*Results may vary from person to person. Success requires dedication!

Finding motivation to get in shape has always been difficult for me. Its so much easier to just be lazy and eat junk food, but working out with James has changed my lifestyle. Working out has become my favorite pastime. I get individual attention, high energy sessions and most importantly, RESULTS! I have leaner thighs, firmer abs, and increased strength and stamina.
For anyone seeking a clean, fun, energetic and uncrowded workout environment... Stop Looking. James Fitness is your answer!
James is the best kept secret!

Mary Nguyen, Model

*Results may vary from person to person. Success requires dedication!

I had 3 months to lose an inch in my waist for a photo shoot. I met this goal in just 8 weeks! I lost 10 lbs in these 8 weeks as well. I have more energy through the day. My self confidence has been boosted.

James is energetic, motivational and inspirational. He always keeps me on track with my nutrition and workouts. All around James is a great trainer.

Chelsee Brewster, Model / Athlete

*Results may vary from person to person. Success requires dedication!

To James,
Thank you for making my fitness goals and dreams come true...

Denise Young, Grammy Nominated Pianist

*Results may vary from person to person. Success requires dedication!

I have lost over an inch to an inch and a half in many areas of my body. I feel so much more energetic and a lot healthier.
My favorite thing about the gym is getting there early and getting my day started correctly. It helps to energize you through out the entire day.
I like how funny you are but you still are very professional. You are good at inspiring and keeping everyone focused. I love the training because its always different routines. You never do the same boring stuff and that way you stay interested and don't get bored with the same old workout. The workouts are not easy but they are fun and they make me feel more positive about life.

Jessica Gately, Retail / Student

*Results may vary from person to person. Success requires dedication!

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I've been working out with James for 5 weeks and have seen amazing results! I am excited to say that I have lost 14 lbs! The 7 Day Fat Loss Detox is easy to follow and a great way to start your journey to reaching your fitness goals. James takes pride in every client he trains. He is committed to your success and pushes you to take it father than you thought you could. He never lets you give up on yourself, he's with you all the way helping you finish strong. I've always had a hard time staying consistent with my workouts but working out with James I have no problem getting to my early morning workouts and look forward to every session. James makes every work out challenging, creative and extremely fun! James is an amazing trainer, great motivator and provides high energy, no nonsense training! He will help you get the results you want. James Fitness knows Fitness!!!

Cristina Diaz, Accountant

*Results may vary from person to person. Success requires dedication!

Let's see...James and I go wayyyy back! James trained me back in 2006 and when I found out that he was back in Orange County, I was super excited to train with him again! I've lost 9 lbs so far and it's only been 3 weeks! James' sessions are fun and entertaining, and definitely make you feel energized after. James is friendly, positive, and motivating. I love that he offeres nutritional coaching; I was on the 7-day detox and noticed results right away without feeling tired or burned out. Your body gets all the nutrition it needs and James does a good job of telling you how to balance out fats, proteins, grains, fruits and veggies throughout the day. I am definitely more health conscious now and will not turn back! James is a great trainer!

Devi Sharma, MPH

*Results may vary from person to person. Success requires dedication!

James is a very knowledgeable, professional and experienced personal trainer. He has a shining personality. I would highly recommend him to anyone that wishes to improve any aspect of their health or fitness. If you want to exercise properly and get results, seek out James.

Le Thu, Singer

*Results may vary from person to person. Success requires dedication!

James, you're the best!! I can't thank you enough! I never would have reached my fitness goals if it wasn't for your amazing fitness and nutrition coaching, and butt kicking!! I'm getting in the best shape of my life!
Thank you.

Tami Hund, Former Rams Cheerleader

*Results may vary from person to person. Success requires dedication!

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I feel stronger and just better about how I look. I am more motivated to work out since I enjoy the results. The exercises are not something I could've pushed myself to do on my own. The gym has a great atmosphere, and it is pretty fun. I used to work out almost every day, but working out with James has actually made a bigger difference since they are not typical exercises, and they really work:)

Eileen Dano, Student

*Results may vary from person to person. Success requires dedication!

Training with James Fitness is amazing! He's motivating, energetic, positive, and gives you the results you want. James is good at explaining the workouts and what part of the body is being targeted. I was never one to get into much of weightlifting. I was scared, being a woman that I would bulk up. Three years ago I ran the San Diego marathon; if I had understood then that toning my muscles would have made me stronger, I would probably have had a better time. I see myself getting toned and I also burn more calories at rest during the day! Working with James has also brought out more of my self-confidence. His personality is so positive and friendly.

Teresa Falk

*Results may vary from person to person. Success requires dedication!

I met James in the spring of 2008 when I was getting in shape for my wedding. I found the workouts challenging and motivational. Even after my wedding I continued working out with James.
As soon as I heard James was back in town I immediately contacted him to start up my workouts again. Three weeks in to my workouts with James I have lost 6 lbs. James is a great trainer that continually pushes you to the next level.

Joyce Walker

*Results may vary from person to person. Success requires dedication!

I have lost inches since I have started training with James! I have gained a better confidence within myself! My goal was to gain strength in my core and upper body, and I have really progressed since day one. My favorite thing about the gym is the upbeat environment. Everyone is friendly there. My favorite thing about James is his spunk. He is always positive, and pushes us to our limits! I like being challenged! When I attend class, I'm always excited to see what different types of exercises we will do. James is a wonderful trainer. He is upbeat, positive, outgoing, and pushes you hard so you can achieve your goals.

Demetria Costa

*Results may vary from person to person. Success requires dedication!

I have lost 5 pounds and 1.5 inches in my waist. What I've gained is more impressive: a desire to live a happy and healthy life. Working out with James has simply made me feel better about who I am. James will push you when you can no longer push yourself. This process has been life changing in terms of my approach to fitness: I am more health conscious and excited for my future. Living a fitness-centered life seemed impossible to me, but I've seen the results and now cannot envision a life without it. The gym is full of energy. Everyone is pumped up and ready to burn.

Nirali Bhatt, Student

*Results may vary from person to person. Success requires dedication!

Isabelle Du, Model, Actress

*Results may vary from person to person. Success requires dedication!

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